Celebrating five incredible years with the launch of our new cocktails book.

Since we first opened our doors our mission has been to capture the essence of Sexy Fish in our cocktails. Innovative ingredients and perfect pairings carefully combined with a strong sense of the surreal to delight the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

The cocktails featured in our latest cocktail book have all proved themselves worthy of inclusion over the years. Sure-fire favourites with an adventurous spirit and carefree character. These drinks have delighted our guests time and time again, becoming the cornerstone of our plan to overthrow the ordinary.

We’ve followed in the footsteps of Marco Polo across Asia and the spice route, and brought haute couture from the catwalk to the cocktail. We’ve made a play to passion with a menu designed to whet all appetites, and quenched a thirst for travel with recipes inspired by our nine-month, round-the-world tour.

The journey may vary, but our method remains the same. Take equal parts inspiration and imagination, add a shot of science, a dash of creativity and garnish with artistic flair.