Chef Director: Bjoern Weissgerber

Bjoern Weissgerber is a true master of his art. A perfectionist, this eccentric German-Swede has trained with some of the greats in the industry. He grew up in his father’s restaurant (his first major influence) and went on to train with Alfons Schuhbeck, famed chef Eckart Witzigmann, Ferran Adrià at El Bulli and the hugely influential Rainer Becker. Awarded a Michelin star at 27 when he was running Ca’s Puers in Mallorca in 2002, Bjoern’s experience is vast, diverse and led him to us at Sexy Fish.

Leading a team of 54, his ethos is simple. As a man who loves to eat, he believes in creating healthy food that tastes good and looks Sexy. He strives for balance and perfection in his flavours, textures and ingredients.

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