Join us from 10pm every Friday and Saturday night for a dinner party experience that explores the mystique of the deep with every element. 

Indulge in enticing cocktails and alluring Asian-inspired delicacies, whilst the energetic sounds of our live DJs set the tone for an evening of intriguing encounters.


The After-Dinner Party

Join the late-night indulgence at Sexy Fish with our group packages, designed for the ultimate after-dinner party revelry. Delve into an evening of opulence from 11.30pm, as you and your guests savour your choice of Champagne or premium spirits, such as Dom Pérignon or Absolut Elyx, complemented by an exquisite array of sweet or salty culinary masterpieces.

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Cris Cioata - Friday 1st December

Transylvanian-born DJ and music producer Cris, now based in London, draws inspiration from her Romanian heritage to craft a unique and energetic DJ identity, blending various house, techno, and electro styles. She has risen as a prominent figure in the London music scene, performing at exclusive venues, and also ventured into blockchain and the metaverse with sound design projects and virtual platform performances.

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